Julie Levine


Old pots and pans lose their shine, but memories don’t fade

After we got engaged and after we chose a wedding date, we registered for a set of milchig pots and a set of fleishig pots along with dinnerware, flatware, knives, kitchen tools and kitchen appliances such as a stand mixer and a food processor that I still use today.

My hubby says, let’s buy some new pots and pans. We’ve had our pots and pans for over 20 years now. They no longer look pretty and shiny new anymore. But I don’t need new ones. Mine work just fine. Read more…

I Ditched the Dinner but Not the Shabbat

It’s Friday.

This week, I’ve cooked five dinners that included a different lean protein each night, an exciting vegetable and some kind of whole grain. I’ve made five breakfasts that are healthy, protein-filled and free of junk. I’ve packed 10 school lunches and 10 school snacks. Read more…