Julie Levine

Month: November 2015

Holidays Help Revive Food Memories, Family Stories

won’t ever get rid of my Jewish cookbooks. I love them all — from the trendy “Jerusalem: A Cookbook” to the old and out of print “The Molly Goldberg Jewish Cookbook.”

I seek out old ones, especially the worn and lonely looking cookbooks at the bottom of the $5 closeout bin at used bookstores. Read more…

A Favorite Recipe from a Cherished 1949 Cookbook

love “The Jewish Cookery.” It’s a 400-page cookbook by Leah W. Leonard from 1949 that I found in a used bookstore. There are lots of recipes, but not a lot of instructions, which I like because it’s a throwback to a time when we could take some risks in our cooking. It didn’t quite matter how finely we chopped the onions or the precise length of time we sautéed the vegetables. We could trust ourselves and our taste buds to figure it out. Read more…